This project is an implementation as MVP of PaaS system. It is built with ansible on top of docker container engine.
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My little cozy PaaS

This project is an implementation as MVP of PaaS system which use in production. It is built with ansible and docker.
The core of the system is Service Discovery based on etcd and Registrator
Load balancer based on confd and nginx, provided as docker container.

How check it



Launch steps

Clone the repo git clone
Launch a server with Ubutnu 14.04 Configure ansible playbook

diff --git a/inventory b/inventory
index 5e72880..a1462cb 100644
--- a/inventory
+++ b/inventory
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
+place you server ip addres
 ;place your server ip addres here
diff --git a/server.yml b/server.yml
index 85a8e2c..57d6e55 100644
--- a/server.yml
+++ b/server.yml
@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@
       use_build: true,
       repository: '',
-      #server_name: 'place your server ip addres here',
+      server_name: 'place you server ip addres',
       tags: ['hello-world']

Launch the playbook ansible-playbook -i inventory server.yml

More information

You could know more information in Russian about it at RootConf2016