TDtimer is a simple Greasemonkey script that adds basic support for task duration into Todoist
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TDtimer is a simple Greasemonkey script that adds basic support for task duration into Todoist.




To install TDtimer into Firefox, you need the Greasemonkey extension. After installing Greasemonkey, just download the file tdtimer.user.js and open it in Firefox using File-Open File. You will be asked for confirmation of the installation, which is normal.


Starting with some particular version, Chrome developers decided to protect users from themselves and started blocking user scripts. However, there is still a way to easily install TDtimer in Chrome. Open Settings-Extensions and activate the developer mode. You can then drag&drop the tdtimer.user.js script onto the Extensions page to install it. Again, you will be asked for permission to do so.

Other browsers

I am not sure who would seriously consider using a different browser :) but if you do, you will have to find for yourself if there is a way to install Greasemonkey scripts in your browser.

How to use it

After installation, all is ready, just add some duration info to your tasks in Todoist.

To add duration information to a task, just give the duration in hours in square brackets as part of the task text. For example Replace Windows XP with Linux [0.75]. Please note that the number uses a standard decimal notation, not time notation (e.g. [0:45]). I believe that anyone intelligent enough to use task management can handle conversion between minutes and parts of hour and this way it is possible to use TDtimer for other purposes as well (such as assigning difficulty or some other value) or use different units, such as minutes, days or years.

When you assign duration to your tasks, it will be summed for you for today (in today view), each day (in week view) or each sub-project (in project view). When you complete or add tasks, the duration will be automatically recalculated.

How to report errors

I have created TDtimer for my own purposes and it works well for me. If you find an error, you can let me know at <beda(at)> or fix it and send me a merge request on GitHub. I cannot guarantee that I will fix any errors in the future or provide any support - the software is offered as is.

© 2014-2016 WTFPL – Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License.