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An ensemble of Neural Nets for Nudity Detection and Censoring
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NudeNet: An ensemble of Neural Nets for Nudity Detection and Censoring


Demo of the classifier available at

Pre-trained models available at

Uncensored version of the following image can be found at (NSFW)

Classification scores on the data available at

Classification Classes

nude -> image contains nudity

safe -> image doesn't contain nudity

Detection Classes

BELLY -> exposed belly (both male and female)

BUTTOCKS -> exposed buttocks (both male and female)

F_BREAST -> exposed female breast

F_GENITALIA -> exposed female genitalia

M_GENETALIA -> exposed male genetalia

M_BREAST -> exposed male breast


pip install nudenet
pip install git+

Classifier Usage

from nudenet import NudeClassifier
classifier = NudeClassifier('classifier_checkpoint_path')
# {'path_to_nude_image': {'safe': 5.8822202e-08, 'nude': 1.0}}

Detector Usage

from nudenet import NudeDetector
detector = NudeDetector('detector_checkpoint_path')

# Performing detection
# [{'box': [352, 688, 550, 858], 'score': 0.9603578, 'label': 'BELLY'}, {'box': [507, 896, 586, 1055], 'score': 0.94103414, 'label': 'F_GENITALIA'}, {'box': [221, 467, 552, 650], 'score': 0.8011624, 'label': 'F_BREAST'}, {'box': [359, 464, 543, 626], 'score': 0.6324697, 'label': 'F_BREAST'}]

# Censoring an image
detector.censor('path_to_nude_image', out_path='censored_image_path', visualize=False)

Classifier data available at

To Do:

  1. Improve Documentation for the functions. (Right now user has to see the function definition to understand all the params)
  2. Convert these models into tflite, tfjs and create another repo that used tfjs to perform in browser detection and censor.

Note: Entire credit for collecting the object recognition dataset goes to (NSFW). The link for their api and the discord are as follows API here: Discord:


Although nudenet is licensed under GPL, if you want to use it commercially without open sourcing your code please email me or raise a issue in this repo so that I can provide you explicit written permission to use as you wish. The only reason for doing this is, it would be nice to know if some company is using my work.

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