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Beddit web API documentation (Beta)

Beddit is a sleep monitoring device and mobile application. It has an ultra-thin film sensor that you place in your bed, under the bed sheet. All you have to do is to sleep on it. Beddit connects wirelessly to your mobile device and provides you with an overall sleep analysis every morning. The Beddit Sleep Monitor measures the user's sleep stages, heart and breathing rates, snoring, and more.

When a Beddit user signs into Beddit, all her sleep data is automatically synced to the Beddit servers (Amazon AWS). The web API gives developers the possibility to use Beddit sleep data in the context of their mobile application or web service.

The only catch is that we kindly ask you to mention Beddit when you use data provided by the Beddit API. We also appreciate when our partners include a link back to on their website/app etc.

You can use the following assets:

Beddit logo

Beddit small logo

Powered by Beddit

Now for you to be totally awesome, please mention Beddit in, for example, your publicly available graphs/drawings etc. that are based on Beddit sleep data. If graphical assets are not easily applicable in these cases, you can simply use "Powered by Beddit" as a text snippet.

Do let us know about anything cool that you build on top of our data so we can share it in our channels!

The API is free for all during the Beta period. At all times, Beddit reserves the right to make changes to its API policy.

On a more serious note, please understand that sleep data is very personal and sensitive. You should take extra care to use and store it according to the best privacy and security practices. It is a good policy to inform your user how you intend to use her data and in what context.

If you intend to use the API for commercial purposes, please contact us at

By using the Beddit API you agree that you are fully responsible for your own conduct and content, for any possible consequences and you cannot hold Beddit Ltd., its affiliates or partners liable for possible violations in such cases. You agree not to use the Beddit API for any illegal activities and agree to comply with all relevant and applicable laws and regulations. You also agree to comply with Beddit's privacy policy and API policies.

The documentation is divided into following chapters.

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Documents the general conventions used throughout the API.


All access to user data in Beddit is authenticated with access tokens. This chapter describes how authentication works and how access token is obtained.


User account related resources

This chapter describes the resources for retrieving user data.

Sleep data resources

This chapter describes the resources for retrieving sleep data.

Session data resources

This chapter describes the resources for retrieving session data.

If you need help in using the API, please contact our customer support:

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