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πŸŽ› Elm Dashboard for a serverless spending tracker
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Elm Dashboard

A simple dashboard, written in Elm, to track expenditures

Try it out here!

Elm is a programming language which compiles to HTML and JavaScript. Elm's advantages include an intuitive functional reactive programming style, a no-runtime-error guarantee, and a time-travelling debugger.

Elm Dashboard screenshot showing bar chart and tablular data

This dashboard:

  • Fetches data asynchronously through the Elm HTTP commands;
  • Decodes this data from a JSON string into Elm native data-types;
  • Formats the data into a table; and
  • Displays a subset of this data in a bar chart.

One external library, elm-plot is used to display the bar chart.

The data shown is retrieved from a spending tracker API hosted on Amazon Web Services. This spending tracker returns a nested, sorted JSON structure containing total amounts of money spent for each category.

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