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... is a new authentication system.

Instead of using passcodes, it uses passchords. (groan)

If you have a MIDI keyboard, try the code in this repository out here: 🔓.ws (or click the image)

screenshot of Key

(Hint: play the Eb above middle C three times!)


I can't hear anything!

You shouldn't be able to. That's what makes it Very Secure!

More seriously: this project used to include a mini-synthesizer. That proved to be way too hard to deal with for me, so I stripped it out and just use a soft-synth running in the background on my computer. There's plenty of good, free VST or AU instruments, and I keep Hosting AU open because of its minimal memory footprint.

But this isn't secure, is it?

Yes! It's using a token exchange system called "lock" similar to that of OAuth2. Check out the backend here. Nope, not right now. But it's pretty clear in main.js which functions would need to be changed to send data to an external API. I'm in the process of writing a suitable backend — it's using a token exchange system somewhat similar to OAuth2.

I don't have a MIDI keyboard!

Not much I can do, I'm afraid. At some point it'd be nice to write a QWERTY-to-piano library, but that's a big job in itself.


Authenticate with a MIDI keyboard.



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