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RxJS phone-style keypad unlock
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RxJS Phonepad

A simple phone pad created using RxJS. The stream processing is all done in index.js, and some helper functions are defined in utils.js.

RxJS works by combining, buffering, merging and tweaking streams of data. It's intended for use as a general-purpose asynchronous library, similar to how Underscore provides a functional toolkit for synchronous code.

To create this phone pad, the application combines streams of data from browser events like clicks and mouse movements, mapping cursor positions to button indices and building up information about the current password attempt.

Multiple subscriptions let the application build up the full password attempt while also drawing a line between the previous and current buttons.

(The password is 1-2-3-5-8.)

Building and running on localhost

First install dependencies:


To run in hot module reloading mode:

yarn start

To create a production build:

yarn build


node dist/bundle.js


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