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New in 0.3.2:

  • revert to Maven. Gradle came in through a pull request. Not intending to move to gradle just yet
  • fix for open input streams
  • support for arrays being returned as JSON
  • support for security realms (Resty.authenticateForRealm()) in case the regular authentication is not working because java is not able to determine the URL
  • deprecated alwaysSend in favor of withHeader
  • Resty will not set a CookieHandler if one is already set.

Since 0.3.0:

  • Option to ignore SSL certificate errors: Resty.ignoreAllCerts (global switch for now)
  • New constructor to specify options: new Resty(Option.timeout(3000)); (sets the socket connect timeout)
  • Create your own Options (see Resty.Option.Timeout or Resty.Option.Proxy for example)
  • Fixed scala naming issue
  • enhanced syntax for JSON queries
  • bugfixes from my contributors. Thank you!
  • Proxy support. Thank you, Gabriel. r.setProxy(...) for object r or new Resty(Option.proxy(...)) to carry proxy settings over when traversing paths
  • convenient location header: new Resty().bytes(url, put(someContent)).location(); // gets Location header as URI

Since 0.2.0:

  • Support for PUT, DELETE, Support for application/multipart-formdata