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Project Description nEMO is a pure C# framework for Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization.

There are many ways to optimize for a single goal. Multiobjective optimization, however, is a much harder task. First, there is no single optimum (in the general case) but rather a set of equally optimal solutions called the Pareto Front. One approach to tackle this problem is the use of evolutionary algorithms. To read more on EMO see for example Tutorial by E. Zitzler nEMO aims at providing evolutionary multiobjective optimization in a .NET environment. It is fully written in C# and 100% compatible to Mono. nEMO allows you to define chromosomes and fitness functions for your multiobjective optimization task. You can also write your own selection although there are already elitist and non-elitist selections that come with nEMO. nEMO can also be used for single objective optimization (providing specialized selections for that).

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