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Software Security Anti-Patterns
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Software Security Anti-Patterns

An anti-pattern is a common response to a recurring problem that is usually ineffective and risks being highly counterproductive [1]. In short anti-patterns are commonly reinvented but bad solutions to problems.

There are numerous anti-patterns in software security;

  • Pardon the malintent
  • [Copy-Paste insecure code] (
  • [Incomplete mediation] (
  • [Blacklisting] (
  • [Loosening blacklists] (
  • [Widening whitelists without precautions] (
  • [Insufficient WWW knowledge] (
  • [Secure library ignorance] (
  • [Mixing code and data] (
  • [Confirmation bias] (




Bedirhan Urgun / bedirhan{dot}urgun at gmail

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