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Vincent Bernat's awesome configuration

This is my awesome configuration. It does not exactly feature the same keybindings as the default configuration. I don't recommend using it by you can pick anything you need in it.

I rely on machine hostname for some configuration parts (see rc/start.lua) for the most important part.

Here some of the things you may be interested in:

  • It is modular. I am using config as a table to pass different things between "modules".

  • In rc/xrun.lua, there is a xrun function which runs a program only if it is not already running. Instead of relying on tools like ps, it looks at the list of awesome clients and at the list of connected clients with xwininfo. Seems reliable.

  • I use a light transparency effect to tell if a window has the focus or not. It needs a composite manager.

  • I use a Python script bin/build-wallpaper to build the wallpaper to be displayed. There is a random selection and it works with multihead setup. It seems that classic tools are now able to change the wallpaper per screen and therefore, the script may seem a bit useless but I keep it.

  • I am using xautolock + i3lock as a screensaver. Nothing fancy but I reuse the wallpaper built above. A notification is sent 10 seconds before starting.

  • In rc/apparance.lua, you may be interested by the way I configure GTK2 and GTK3 to have an unified look. It works and it does not need gnome-control-center.

  • I have rebuilt my own implementation of the Quake console in lib/quake.lua. The common ones didn't like when awesome was restarted.

  • I am using notifications when changing volume or brightness. I am also using notifications to change xrandr setup. This is pretty cool.

  • I am sharing tags between screen with sharetags. I am also giving names to tags: I access them with something like config.tags.emacs. I need to try out shifty.

  • Keybindings are "autodocumented". See lib/keydoc.lua to see how this works. The list of key bindings can be accessed with Mod4 + F1.

  • On the debug front, I am quite happy with dbg() in rc/debug.lua.

Things in lib/ are meant to be reused. I am using my own loadrc() function to load modules and therefore, I prefix my modules with vbe/. Before reusing a module, you may want to change this. Another way to load them is to use:

local quake = package.loaded["vbe/quake"]