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We are happy to announce the immediate availability of BEdita 3.7.0 corylus*.

All 3.6.0 instances should be upgraded to this last stable version. For this version a lot of work has been done under the hood so you wouldn't see many cosmetic changes.
Main changes are:

  • fix XSS vulnerability adding contents in Publications module #755. Many thanks to Arjun from Cyber Security Works Pvt Ltd

  • improved REST API adding several functionality like

    • get collection of objects and posters by comma separated id #765, #767
    • filter objects by URL query string #744
    • ability to customize the URL query string supported for every endpoint
    • show all custom properties also those not populated #763
    • saving custom properties #761
    • ability to request objects related embedded in main objects data #768
  • improved the calendar view in Events module

  • if you need to handle events' dates before 1000 AD now you can #670.
    If date_items is empty simply alter table changing start_date and end_date to BIGINT. If you have data in date_items you need to follow the instructions you can see launching the shell script

    $ cd /path/to/bedita 
    $ ./cake.sh migration_date_items help
  • added Redis support for caching #746.
    Once you have Redis installed you can configure it as

    Cache::config('redis_cache_name', array(
        'engine' => 'Redis',
        'prefix' => 'myapp_',
        'duration' => '+1 hour',
  • easily use of avatars via Gravatar service with the new Gravatar helper #766

    // with BEdita user
    echo $gravatar->image($user);
    // go directly with email
    echo $gravatar->image('test@example.com');

See also the changelog for all changes.

Moreover you can find a new documentation about REST API at http://bedita.readthedocs.org

(*) “corylus” is a genus of deciduous trees and large shrubs native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere.