BEdita4 backend webapp
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BEdita4 backend webapp

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Backend webapp for BE4 API.

UI/UX similar to BEdita3, but may change in the near future.



  1. Clone repo & run composer
composer install

If you are using a .zip or .tar.gz release file you just need to unpack it and then run composer install.

  1. Copy config/.env.default to config/.env and configure BEdita 4 API base URL and API KEY like:
# set BEDITA4 base URL
export BEDITA_API="{bedita-4-url}"
# set BEDITA4 API KEY (optional)
export BEDITA_API_KEY="{bedita4-api-key}"

You are then ready to use the webapp by simply run builtin webserver like this

bin/cake server

And then point your browser to http://localhost:8765/

Or you can configure your preferred web server like Nginx/Apache and point to webroot/ as vhost document root.


Pull official image

Get latest offical image build from Docker Hub

docker pull bedita/web

Build image

If you want to build an image from local sources you can do it like this from root folder:

docker build -t be4web-local .

You may of course choose whatever name you like for the generated image instead of be4web-local.


Run a Docker image setting API base url and API KEY like this:

docker run -p 8080:80 \
     --env BEDITA_API={bedita-api-url} --env BEDITA_API_KEY={bedita-api-key} \

Replace bedita/web:latest with be4web-local (or other chosen name) to lanch a local built image.

Run dev with webpack


yarn run develop --proxy localhost:1234

proxy: local webserver (default: localhost:8080)


yarn run build

Bundle Report

yarn run bundle-report

Host passed via --host option points to your local instance, builtin webserver is used in this example.

Run tests

To setup tests locally simply copy tests/.env.default to tests/.env and set env vars accordingly To launch tests:

vendors/bin/phpunit [test folder or file, default '/tests']


BEdita is released under LGPL, Lesser General Public License v3.