a travel companion app for Germany built in React
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Germany Trip Companion App

This project is a ReactJS app I created to filter and sort through a select list of local cafes, bars, restuarants, and historical sites based on geolocation for my upcoming trip to Germany.

Live Project


  • ReactJS - components and functionality
  • Flux - routing
  • Stylus - CSS preprocessing
  • Browserify - watching and bundling my JS
  • Gulp - running dev tasks

In Depth

  • in Destination.js I added a few functions for calculating and setting each location's current distance in miles relative to my phone and my hotel based on geolocation coordinates
  • also in Destination.js I have a function for loading a separate JSON file for each city load based on the current URL
  • in CitySelector.js I used Flickity to change the URL thereby changing the city data
  • in FilterBar.js I used React Checkbox Group to manage selections made to multiple groups of radio button inputs
  • in PlacesList.js I used lodash for filtering and sorting my list of locations based on Category, Price, and Distance selections made in FilterBar.js
  • in sources/_experiments/ I created a few simple tests for some functionality that I've included or that I plan to include, for example: In the moment folder, I grabbed data from a few locations and setup a function that loops through that list and sets the property of isOpen for each location. By using Moment's .isBetween() method I check whether the current time falls within the moment objects of when each location is open/closed.