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Have ever being bored by the time it takes to reconfigure your preferences between different machines on different desktops?

Why Bedouin? Because it bedouins are semi-nomad, like us, switching between different platforms all the time. And second reasons: it seems not to overlap with another project name.

If yes, this is the #1 aim of the project to enable to syncronize most of your settings between different machines, even they are on different platforms.

Currently, I think that Dropbox will be the first cloud storage used for syncing these but I aim to keep the integration as simple as possible so others can add support for other solutions.

From the start, I do want to make this work on:

  • OS X
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Windows (7+).

I am looking for others to join the project, I don't like working alone, especially when it comes to open-source :)