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A simple command line cluster manager which harnesses ssh to queue commands for a list of nodes.
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A simple command line cluster manager which harnesses ssh to queue commands for a list of nodes.


If you already have Python and pip on your system you can install the library simply by running:

 pip install ./downloads/clustermuster-0.1.tar.gz

Quick start

clustermuster can be started via commandline which takes a configuration file detailing the addresses and ports of yournodes along with a port for which clustermuster will listen for commands on:

clustermuster -i example/nodes.yaml -p 9999

It is currently configured to print all debug information to the console, which you will see as soon as it is started.

For each node in your list, you will need to use ssh keys to authenticate. You will need to generate keys without passphrases in order to prevent clustermuster from stalling.

ssh-copy-id username@nodeaddress

See examples/nodes.yaml for a sample configuration. Now your client can send commands over port 9999 to the server in a json format which can specify a specific node or any node available. See example/ to see the schema.


You can also setup an environment for experimenting and development

  1. Install virtualenv if you haven't already

    virtualenv venv source venv/bin/activate

  2. Setup for development

    python develop

  3. Run tests

    python test

Reporting Issues/Feature requests

I created this package out of curiosity and to demonstrate a robust solution to an interesting problem using Python. It's a fairly basic package and I don't have much intention of adding a lot more functionality since there are other open source and commericial applications which have a large amount of development already.

However, should you find this package useful, your poking turns something up ,or if you have suggestions, bugs or other issues specific to this library, file them here or contact me at

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