Big Party: Loadbalancing with traefik at a docker swarming cluster
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Træfɪk with Docker Swarming

This example use a local DinD Swarming Cluster to show how you can use docker swarming for your microservices.

We use træfɪk for simplify your dynamic service publishing and http reverse proxy.

We add a lot of more example and fix some scripts for better handling.

Loadbalancing with Træfɪk at a docker swarming fleet

Proudly present first at : Docker Meetup Bochum 1.12.2016 : Træfɪk and more Træfɪk

We explain the Træfɪk basics

but also some useful tips to use Træfɪk with docker swarming mode

Test your setup with DinD...

Start this presentation with

  • docker run -d -ti -p 4212:80 infrabricks/traefik-with-docker
  • open http://<dockerhost>:4212/traefik-with-docker

Regards Peter Rossbach ( @PRossbach Niclas Mietz ( @solidnerd