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beeLin-Java Changes

A high-level view of the changes in each beeLīn-Java binary release.

Release v0.0.2

Released: 2015.10.11

Core Functionality


  • beeLīn Java NameService implementation. This fixes several issues:

    • The browser now correctly sends an HTTP Host header with the request allowing .bit domains to be resolved correctly on sites using name-based virtual hosting.

    • The browser should also be able to load full URLs to .bit domains from within the context of existing pages.

  • Resolves more types of .bit domains correctly.

Known Issues

  • Binary release is for Mac OS X only. For Windows and Linux building from source is a single command.

  • Not all variants of Namecoin JSON DNS records are parsed correctly.

  • Subdomains are not handled correctly. Currently only resolves two-level domain names, like okturtles.bit and blockstream.bit.

  • DNSChain server used is hard-coded to

beeLīn JavaFX Browser

In release v0.0.2 the browser has no direct references to the beeLīn Java library but accesses .bit name resolution entirely through standard Java libraries.

Known Issues

  • The go button must be clicked to load a URL

  • URLs must be complete URLs starting with http:// or https://

beeLīn Java Library


  • Implements Java NameService SPI so that any app using standard Java networking (e.g. InetAddress.getByName()) can resolve .bit URLs transparently. Requires configuration via System properties as shown below:

    System.setProperty("", "namecoin,beelin");
    System.setProperty("", "default");

Release v0.0.1

Released: 2015.10.04

First release. Binary for Mac OS X only.