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Touch Finga-Fingaz
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Touch Finga-Fingaz adds some event listeners and custom events and whatnot to browsers that support touch. minified is ~8kb. Props to the incomparable sprky0 for his contributions.


  • add the js

  • init like so : var _FF = fingaFingaz.init();

  • or - for AMD, we're defined as 'fingaFingaz'

  • enjoy the new events :

    • swipeup
    • swiperight
    • swipedown
    • swipeleft
  • also :

    • touchstart
    • touchmove
    • touchend
    • gesturestart
    • gestureend
  • all above events are auto registered with jQuery so you can do like :

     $("#thing").on("swipeleft", function(){ 
     	console.log('swiped left'); 
  • note: for ie9 & 10 you'll have to add the css property of -ms-touch-action to things.

    • none || auto || pan-x || pan-y ...
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