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loading different versions of images based on venue, lazy load and all that
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For loading different versions of images based on venue, lazy loading and all that. By default, it uses UAjammer's venue attribute to decide which src to load - not window width. BUT you can override that and roll your own logic if you like.

setup :

  • requires: jQuery, UAjammer
    • UAjammer necessary to determine venue - unless you pass your own logic for venue -> data-src mapping -OR- pass whichSrc as an arg.
    • see 'SRC Logic' below for more details.

markup :

  • some element with data-src-... options.
    • must at least specify a data-src-default
  • wrap should contain a noscript tag with the default image in it.
  • something like this :
<div class="_picky" data-class="classes-to-be-applied-to-loaded-image" 
	... other data-srcs here ... >
	<noscript><img src="path/to/default.jpg" /></noscript>
  • for responsive/liquid images :
    • you'll need some css (see 'fancy' below')
    • reccommend you use the padding-top method
      • example 4/3 image :
<div class="_picky" style="padding-top:75%;"
	... >
	<noscript><img src="path/to/default_4_3.jpg" /></noscript>

usage :

  • regular style :
  • _pickyImg.init()
  • if you want to force a pick :
  • _pickyImg.pickMe(dummy, which_src, force)

customization :

  • optional args for init() :
 var args = { // all of these are optional...
 		selector : '._picky', // selector to use for bindings, defaults to '._picky' ...
 		pad : 0, // defaults to window height... *
 		whichSrc : 'src-to-use', // defaults to choosing based on UAjammer venue ** -OR- 'data-src-default' when no UAjammer is present...
 		srcMap : function(){...}, // must return the 'data-src' attribute to use, defaults to using UAjammer and default logic ** ...
 		bindMe : true, // use defualt binding, defaults to true *** ...
 		callbacks : {...} // you can pass funtions for certain callbacks **** ...

fancy :

  • use the included css to things like spinners, slick fade-ins and whatnot,
  • OR - roll your own using the reserved classes :
    • _picky_picking
    • _picky_picked
  • you want to load into a background-image?
    • ok - just give your picky element the _picky_bg class
  • padding :

  • This is for when to consider an element 'in-view' - i.e. when to load the src.
  • Applied both above and below the element's position.
  • Defaults to 1 window height.

** SRC Logic :

  • this is responsible for choosing the right image src to load - and sets the whichSrc var
  • default logic is based on UAjammer venue :
whichSrc : function() {

	var chosenSrc = whichSrc;
	switch(true) {
		case(UA.Venue == 'phone'):
			chosenSrc = UA.Pixels >= 2 ? 'src-phonex2' : 'src-phone';
		case(UA.Venue == 'tablet'):
			chosenSrc = UA.Pixels >= 2 ? 'src-tabletx2' : 'src-tablet';
		case(UA.Venue == 'desktop'):
			chosenSrc = UA.Pixels >= 2 ? 'src-desktopx2' : 'src-desktop';
	return chosenSrc;

*** default binding :

  • Ceates a more efficient event (wStopped) to detect window scroll and resize (both of which fire more then we need). The wStopped event is triggered 150ms after a user has stopped scrolling/resizing the window. This results in smoother scrolling and possibly less power consumption.
  • When wStopped is triggered, picky images that haven't been loaded and are in-view ttry to load their whichSrc.

**** Callbacks :

  • callbacks can be passed in the args as an object -i.e. :
 var args = { // optional...
 		callbacks : {
 			init : function(){...}, // fires after args are processed on init() ...
 			finishedInit : function(){...}, // fires at end of init() ...
			picking : function(){...}, // fires just before picking - which defaults to the custom event of wStopped *** ...
			finished : function(){...} // fires when there are no more un-picked images ...

to do :

  • option for image reload in window resize (like get larger/smaller versions)?
  • no scroll events for opera mini - so we'll need a solution for that
  • revisit requirements
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