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ans = fit.bst(obs.train=obs.train, x.obs.train=x.obs.train, x_src=x_src, x_dst=x_dst, x_ctx=x_ctx,out.dir = "/tmp/unit-test/simulated-mtx-uvw-10K","uvw", nFactors=3, nIter=10);

WARNING: You did not specify the following components in factor: gamma

WARNING: You did not specify the following components in param: h0, var_gamma

================= START fit.MCEM =====================================
Initial loglik: CD = -19358.42494, E = NA (0.01 sec)
Error in data.frame(Method = "MCEM", Iter = iter, nSteps = nSamples, CDlogL = loglik, :
arguments imply differing number of rows: 1, 0

@beechung beechung was assigned Jan 6, 2012
@beechung beechung pushed a commit that referenced this issue Jan 7, 2012
Bee-Chung Chen Fix issue #2 and #6 77a115f
beechung commented Jan 7, 2012

Resolved in commit 77a115f

@beechung beechung closed this Jan 7, 2012
FunData7 commented May 5, 2015

I get the same error with very last commit. How to deal with that? Could you please help? Thanks a lot!

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