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Django authorization add-on for multiple organizations and object-level permission settings
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Django Trusts

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Django authorization add-on for multiple organizations and object-level permission settings


django-trusts is a add-on to Django's builtin authorization. It strives to be a minimal implementation, adding only a single concept, trust, to enable maintainable per-object permission settings for a django project that hosts users of multiple organizations with a single user namespace.

A trust is a relationship whereby content access is permitted by the creator [settlor] to specific user(s) [trustee (s)] or group (s). Content can be an instance of a Content subclass, or of an existing model via a junction table. Access to multiple content can be permitted by a single trust for maintainable permssion settings. Django's builtin model, group, is supported and can be used to define reusuable permissions for a group of user's.

django-trusts also strives to be a scalable solution. Permissions checking is offloaded to the database by design, and the implementation minimizes database hits. Permissions are cached per trust for the lifecycle of request user. If a project's request lifecycle resolves most checked content to one or few trusts, which should be very typically the case, this design should be a winner in term of performance. Permissions checking is done against an individual content or a QuerySet.

django-trusts supports Django's builtins User models has_perms() / has_perms() and does not provides any in-addition.

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To run unit tests:

pip install virtualenv
virtualenv venv/
source venv/bin/activate
python test
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