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The intent of this project is to capture useful StudioShell operations as functions from the community.


The module is structured to allow extension in two ways:

  1. Individual functions are added as script files in the /src/Modules/StudioShell.Contrib/scripts folder.
    Each script in this folder becomes a command when the StudioShell.Contrib module is imported.
  2. Collections of functions are added as submodules in the /src/Modules/StudioShell.Contrib/modules folder. Each module in this folder is imported when the StudioShell.Contrib module is imported, making their exported commands accessible in the user's session.

General Acceptance Criteria

  1. I can find your function using get-command -module StudioShell.Contrib -noun <target>, where <target> is the DTE or StudioShell object on which the function operates. E.g., get-command -module StudioShell.Contrib -noun project
  2. I can obtain complete help for your function using get-help <commandname> -full. Help is considered "complete" when it includes:
    • a synposis section
    • a description section if the behavior of the function is not fully captured in the synopsis section
    • specific documentation for each parameter, including
    • at least one example demonstrating each available parameter set
    • type and semantic specification of accepted pipeline inputs and outputs
  3. I can use -whatif on your function if it performs any write, remove, or invoke operation.
  4. I can use your function in the middle of a pipeline.
  5. I can use your function from any location in the StudioShell console.
  6. I can use your function in both PowerShell v2.0 and v3.0 environments


Public contribution project for StudioShell scripts and helpers.



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