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Light Reminders

A lightweight web app to help you keep the lights of your friendships on. Also integrates with your physical lights via Philips Hue lights. More details and write-up coming soon.


To run:

  • PHP 5.6+
  • MySQL 5.1+

To develop UI:

  • node.js

To integrate with your physical lights:


  1. Clone codebase on to PHP and MySQL enabled-server
  2. Configure your app:
  • Update ./api/application/config/database.php with database credentials
  • Update ./api/application/config/config.php with your base_url, e.g. http://localhost/api/
  1. To setup database, in browser go to http://localhost/api/migrate
  2. Visit http://localhost/, register a new user, add relationships and meetings

Integration with your Philips Hue lights

  1. Follow the steps to obtain your bridge's IP address and generate/obtain your username

  2. Create a file at ./js/config.js based on ./js/config.sample.js

  3. Fill in your hueEndpoint and hueUsername based on step 1

  4. Create a new entry in your config called lights that look like this:

    var PROJECT_CONFIG = {
      lightLevelRange: [0, 9],
      lights: [
        {value: 'bedroom', label: 'Bedroom', hueLightId: '1', image: 'img/lights/bedroom/light{level}.jpg'},
        {value: 'corridor', label: 'Corridor', hueLightId: '2', image: 'img/lights/corridor/light{level}.jpg'},
        {value: 'dining', label: 'Dining', hueLightId: '3', image: 'img/lights/dining/light{level}.jpg'},
        {value: 'kitchen', label: 'Kitchen', hueLightId: '4', image: 'img/lights/kitchen/light{level}.jpg'},
  5. Update the list of lights that correlate to the lights in your home; you can customize the labels and images

    • In this example, there are 10 images (named light0.jpg, light1.jpg, ..., light9.jpg) associated with the different states of each of the lights (bedroom, corridor, dining, kitchen, etc)
  6. In the app http://localhost/, update your relationships with the appropriate lights that you defined in the previous step

  7. Now your physical lights should reflect the state of the virtual lights in the app

Developing the UI

  1. Install node modules npm install
  2. Install gulp (if necessary) npm install --global gulp-cli
  3. Run gulp
  4. Changes to .js, .scss, and .ejs files will be watched and compiled