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Social Eng. Extension: Web Cloner doesn't like GET params in mount point #757

gallypette opened this Issue · 8 comments

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I'm playing a bit with the new extension and it seems that :

  • something like : /login.php will be OK
  • but something like : /login.php?authCAS=NOCAS won't be OK, sinatra will print "Not Found."

I haven't tried the massmailer yet, but i experience a high level of awesomeness so far :D

Best, j-louis.


Do you get any more errors enabling debug:true in the main config file?
I will have a look at it soon buddy.


I just tried with debugging mode on, it doesn't give any error on sdtout.


We're using Rack as the middleware. if you put a breakpoint on line 119 of web_cloner.rb,
you will see that @http_server -> @mounts contains the right path+params.

I think I might need to patch Rack in order to enable this :-(

@antisnatchor antisnatchor was assigned


Ok, i had a look on this this morning, i'm not sure we have to patch rack;
It doesn't work if we chose /login?auth=CAS as mount point, but if we chose /login we are able to access /login?auth=CAS

Maybe something like this could do the trick ?


LOL of course :D I feel dumb buddy, I was prob too tired yesterday.

I will commit that fix after testing. Should work.
Btw, in ruby you can do .first instead of [0] for the first element, or .last for the last element :D


No problem, ty for the tip ;)


Mate, let me know if it works now. Just committed a fix, works for my tests.
Thanks for pointing me at this!


Tested, it's OK now.
np ;)

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