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antisnatchor commented May 19, 2012

The WebSocket channel is disabled by default.
Now also extension code works.

There is still work to do, but I prefer having the code in the main repo because it's already stable enough to be used (even if it's disabled by default, until it will be thoroughly tested).

There are various todos in the code that I will implement soon.

radoen and others added some commits Apr 6, 2012

@radoen radoen Setting up structures and server/client environment.
A lot of TODO
@radoen radoen Inserted module in bootstrap d3e2e1e
@radoen radoen Inserted module in bootstrap 15ca777
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fixed issue with lib loading and WebSocket server initalization 236c8a8
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Added WebSocket config options for enable, secure and port 64cee24
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Printing nice print_into about the websocket a5504a5
@radoen radoen Thread for websocket e1134e2
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge branch 'master' of
@radoen radoen Added websocket.js in beefjs.rb bcd0ff1
@radoen radoen Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Changed default websocket port faae01a
@antisnatchor antisnatchor changed allowed origins to ALL 552beb4
@antisnatchor antisnatchor fixed typo in ws.receive b08326e
@antisnatchor antisnatchor fixed issue with FF detectionon websockets 296d016
@antisnatchor antisnatchor changed websocket.js structure with closures. 8f7caff
@radoen radoen The connection and helo to server correctly work. 85b3a59
@radoen radoen Added FF11 support 302512e
@radoen radoen Added polling stop if websocket is up in updater.js
added hash for websocket in websocket.rb
added check for websocket existence in command.rb and net.js
added a POC onmessage function in websocket.js
added check for websocket support in init.js
added a POC send to send command output to server in beef.js
@radoen radoen Hook.js load websocket.js only if specifield in beef configuration file
 if websocket is disabled all work normally
 if websocket is enabled have trouble in command.rb
@radoen radoen Commands are now sent through websocket
Trouble with eval function in websocket.js
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fixed issue with command execution. Now commands are executed correct…
…ly via WebSocket.
@radoen radoen Deleted some stuff that does not work correctly in old browser (IE 8)
Better check for FF
Cleand up inside the code
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'. Fixed conflicts on co…
@radoen radoen Basic response recv system implemented
todo ping-pong for alive host. thread's content is  in websocket.rb
todo setting up a separate handler for via ws answer's
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Removed not needed line 43f82b0
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Slightly changed comments on websocket.rb cecd6cb
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Catched JSON::ParserError exception when a client abruptly disconnect…
…s (i.e.: closing the browser manually, or the hooked tab)
@radoen radoen Now the Alive check is by ws Timer 5 second
Tested And work
@radoen radoen Corrected issues on IE browser (IE8 IE9) to check IE6 -IE7
Corrected Issues whit character encoding
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 9ae0929
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fixed issue when hooking a browser that contains other cookies than B…
…EEFHOOK. now "alive" send back only the BeEF session value
@antisnatchor antisnatchor merged changes of net.js to fix the requester/tunneling proxy 72ba526
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
Resolved conflicts:
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fix issue 674 (NilClass issue) fdad068
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fix issue 673 (command module friendly name in WebSocket fork) 256ef0f
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fix issue 675 (added erubis parsing for Websocket config options) 96a16fa
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Fixed another bug when parsing the BeEF hook cookie in Js. now using …
…beef.session.get_hook_session_id(). Should be the last fix.
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Issue 676. Now we use em-websocket for WebSocket server side. Instead…
… of threads we use events with EventMachine. Faster and consumes less memory.
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'. WS: added stringifyin…
…g command results in
@antisnatchor antisnatchor Temporarily disabled DebugModules tests. b49548d

@antisnatchor antisnatchor added a commit that referenced this pull request May 19, 2012

@antisnatchor antisnatchor Merge pull request #681 from radoen/master
Merging WebSocket fork, disabled by default.

@antisnatchor antisnatchor merged commit 86b3103 into beefproject:master May 19, 2012

antisnatchor was assigned May 20, 2012

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