Module: Pretty Theft

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  • Objective: Asks the user for their username and password using a floating div.
  • Authors: pwndizzle, vt, xntrik
  • Browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera (User is notified)
  • Paramters :
    • Dialog Type : Type of dialog box : Facebook, Linked In or Generic
    • Backing : Color of the background (Grey or Clear)
    • Custom Generic Logo : URL of the logo for generic dialog type
  • Code

##Internal Working

This module will just print a dialog box imitating Facebook or Linked and asking for credentials. Nothing complex here, the code is a bit long due to styles modification but it is not very complex to read.


Command :

Facebook box :

LinkedIn box (bug here) :

Generic box with BeEF logo :

Result :


  • Works very well on Chrome. Linked In logo requires access to linkedin website (explaining the picture bug).
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