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NINJA-IDE is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE).
NINJA-IDE runs on Linux/X11, Mac OS X and Windows desktop operating systems, and
allows developers to create applications for several purposes using all the
tools and utilities of NINJA-IDE, making the task of writing software easier and
more enjoyable.


HOMEPAGE: http://ninja-ide.org

CONTACT: dojo@ninja-ide.org

FORUM (Google group): http://groups.google.com/group/ninja-ide

TWITTER: @ninja_ide

IRC: #ninja-ide (at Freenode)

STAY UP TO DATE: http://groups.google.com/group/ninja-ide-dev
(receive e-mail notifications when new code is added to the repository)


Python >= 2.6 (Not Python3)
PyQt >= 4.7
watchdog >= 0.5.4 (https://github.com/gorakhargosh/watchdog)


* From Sources Portable - Requires PyQt4:

    1. Download the ZIP with the SOURCES from:
    2. Un-compress it.
    4. Navigate to the folder where the source file is extracted using the 'cd'
    5. type:
        $ python ninja-ide.py

* Clone Git Repo - Requires PyQt4 and Git:

    1. Execute:
        $ git clone git://github.com/ninja-ide/ninja-ide ninja-ide
    2. Execute:
        $ cd ninja-ide
    3. Execute:
        $ python ninja-ide.py


Version 2.0-Beta (Shuriken)

    * NINJA-IDE fully migrated to a new Architecture with a better design.
    * New Plugins API.
    * Improves in Performance
    * Add Web Inspector
    * Insert import from Everywhere in the document
    * Find in Files improved
    * Virtualenv Supported.
    * Code Locator implemented (Ctrl+K).
    * Navigation for error trace in Output implemented.
    * Added: "Find Occurrences" in the Editor Context Menu.
    * Find function (Ctrl+F) improved to search the word dynamically while the user is typing
    * Navigate Code using variables and functions as links, with Ctrl+Click or Ctrl+Enter (with the cursor over the text)
    * Contextual Menu in Tabs to perform quick actions
    * Code Jumps, Breakpoints and Bookmarks Navigation implemented.
    * Some new Functionality has been added in Source Menu (move lines with shortcuts, remove line, etc)
    * Adding error/warning notification icon in Editor Tabs.
    * Change file syntax dynamically
    * Tree Symbols implemented.
    * Count Code Lines
    * Print Preview
    * Preferences improved (more options added)
    * More Functions added to File Context Menu in Tree Explorer
    * Console apply the same theme as the Editor
    * Execute files or projects now supports several configurations.
    * Several new features included in Tree Projects widget context menu.
    * Recent Project can be docked or removed from the Start Page.
    * Drag and Drop files in NINJA-IDE improved.
    * Some new functionality in Pythom embedded console.
    * Pep8 checker improved (performance).
    * Errors checker highly improved.
    * You can change preferences during execution (not restart is required)
    * Position and Size of the window saved.
    * Panels sizes saved.
    * Program executions from NINJA-IDE now allows console inputs.
    * Manager Profile that allows the user to Group together several projects.
    * Detect changes in projects folders and automatically refresh the project.
    * Class Constructor created automatically.
    * Adding Static and Pep8 errors list to the explorer to access the errors in the files directly.
    * Params for the execution of a Python program are completely configurable from Preferences.
    * Native support for several languages Syntax
    * More Editor schemes added
    * Change explorer Tabs with: Alt+1...0
    * Added Find Usages feature in Editor contextual menu
    * OS look and feel improved.
    * Added Line and Column position displayer
    * Added Copy/Paste Historial
    * Bugs from 1.1 Fixed!

Version 1.1 (Kunai)

    * All Bugs from Version 1.0 fixed (Until April 21st)
    * Support for Encoding
    * Save files in another Thread
    * Added Feature: Jump to Line (Ctrl+J)
    * Update Notifications fixed.
    * Show output of Programs executed in NINJA-IDE in real time.
    * FullScreen Mode (Ctrl+F11)
    * Added Margin Line to the Editor
    * Support Translation of the GUI
    * New Feature: "Find in Files" (Ctrl+L)
    * New: Easter Egg!! (Find it!)

Version 1.0 (Kunai)

    * Syntax Highlighting for Python, Java, efene, C, C++, C#.
    * Really easy to extend the highlight support to any language. Just
      write a .json file!
    * Support for several languages more using Pygments.
    * Common IDE functionalities like:
    * current line highlighting
    * tab managment for multiple editors
    * automatic indentation
    * close string and braces automatically
    * check for changes in the document before closing a tab or the application
    * Contain a Python console.
    * Support file managment.
    * Allows to execute the Source Code and the Main Project in the Project
      Explorer from NINJA.
    * Recognize a python project automatically, and load it into the Tree
      project Panel.
    * Allows working with zoom-in and zoom-out in the editor.
    * Allows working with different opacity for the application.
    * Allows to open the images of the project inside NINJA.
    * Hide panels to maximize user area.
    * StartPage for welcome, project managment and news.
    * Allows to create files and folder from the Tree Project Explorer, and to
      delete files too.
    * Open Qt Designer to work in new files or shown an existing one inside the
    * Support Main panel Spliting to see 2 files at the same time.
    * Allows to create Files and Folders in the selected folder in the Project
    * Allows to create a init file containing all the Classes and Methods in
      that module automatically.
    * Allows to delete Files in the Project Explorer.
    * Show .ui files rendering the content into a Window.
    * Editor accept drop of files, and load the content of the file
    * Find words in document enabled.
    * Find/Replace enabled.
    * Obtain the last news about NINJA-IDE in the Start Page (from Twitter)
    * Plugins support for NINJA-IDE enabled. Install, Uninstall and Update
    plugins automatically.
    * Allows to configure some Project Properties (adding descriptive
      information to the project, and configure the accepted files)
    * Allows to create different kind of Project using Plugins
    * comment/uncomment functionality supported
    * indent-more/indent-less functionality supported
    * Save IDE session to recover open projects and files when it is re-opened.
    * Autocompletion supported.
    * Symbol Explorer.
    * Check for Files externally modified.
    * Reload Files supported.
    * Insert Horizontal Line.
    * Completely configurable GUI.
    * Display Python Help in the IDE.
    * Show StatusBar message when a file is saved.
    * Open files and projects through the command line.
    * Follow Mode supported.
    * Brace Matching.
    * Print Files.
    * Code Folding
    * Editor scheme color configurable.
    * Supports for GUI skins.
    * Highlight Check Style errors.
    * Highlight Syntax errors.
    * Refactoring functions supported.
    * Python path configurable for the IDE or for each project.
    * Show Recent Projects.