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Cross platform directory tree watcher that works, even on Windows
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hound - directory tree watcher for node.js

Cross platform directory tree watcher that works, even on Windows

The philosophy of hound is:

  • Be reliable, work on every platform
  • Be fast
  • Be simple

hound is designed to be very reliable, fast, and simple. There are no runtime dependencies outside of the standard node.js libraries. There is a development dependency on Jasmine, which is required to run the tests.


Install using npm:

npm install hound

Because hound has no runtime dependencies, it is also possible to download the library manually and require it directly.


hound = require('hound')

// Create a directory tree watcher.
watcher ='/tmp')

// Create a file watcher.
watcher ='/tmp/file.txt')

// Add callbacks for file and directory events.  The change event only applies
// to files.
watcher.on('create', function(file, stats) {
  console.log(file + ' was created')
watcher.on('change', function(file, stats) {
  console.log(file + ' was changed')
watcher.on('delete', function(file) {
  console.log(file + ' was deleted')

// Unwatch specific files or directories.

// Unwatch all watched files and directories.


To run the tests, use npm test. The tests work on actual directory trees that are generated in the tmp directory.

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