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Static files

Static Files

Go already has the built-in http.ServeFile package to serve static files. Beego made a wrapper for it. To register static files use:

  • The first parameter is the url path
  • The second parameter is the static file directory path. (relative to the application directory)

Beego supports multiple static file directories:


With the above settings, request /images/login/login.png will find application_path/images/login/login.png and request /static/img/logo.png will find public/img/logo.png file.

By default Beego will check if the file exists, if not it will return a 404 page. If the request is for index.html, because http.ServeFile will redirect and doesn't display this page by default, you can set beego.BConfig.WebConfig.DirectoryIndex = true to show index.html page. If this is enabled, users can see the file list while visit the directory.

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