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Showcases of Beego products.

Submit your product

  1. Fork this repository:

    git clone

  2. Add your product screencast image to images/<product name>/<filename>. Please don't use image large than 800px width and height.

  3. Add an entry to projects.json with these properties:

     	"Name": "Beego Web", // Name of your product
     	"Thumb": "beeweb/thumb.jpg", // Thumb image path (optional)
     	"Desc": "Beego official website", // Description of your product
     	"Url": "", // Url link of your product
     	"Src": "", // Source code url of your product (optional)
     	"Submitter": "slene", // your name
     	"Date": "2013-12-22"
  4. Send a pull request