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Getting Started With Beego



After releasing Beego 1.2 we wanted to create some tutorial resources to expand on the official Beego documentation.

Step by step tutorials are an easy way for new beginners to learn so we decided to put together a series of video tutorials and slides that cover all of Beego's components, modules, and code logic. We will also demonstrate how to develop API services and web applications.


  1. Introduction to Beego Video: Youtube
  1. Configuration Parameters Video: Youtube
  2. bee api applicatioin Video: Youtube
  3. Controllers
  4. ORM
  5. Advanced ORM
  6. Beego with MongoDB and redis
  7. Templates
  8. Filters
  9. Logging
  10. Admin System
  11. Session
  12. Cache
  13. Logs
  14. Httplib
  15. Context
  16. Toolbox
  17. Config
  18. Forms
  19. I18n
  20. Demo: API Service
  21. Demo: Web Application