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Beehive lab

Beehive lab is part of the Advanced Processor Technologies Group at the University of Manchester specializing in hw/sw codesign.

Pinned repositories

  1. 🌪️ TornadoVM: A practical and efficient heterogeneous programming framework for managed languages

    Java 114 10

  2. Maxine VM: A meta-circular research VM

    Java 212 37

  3. A low-overhead dynamic binary instrumentation and modification tool for ARM (now with both AArch32 and AArch64 support)

    C 170 27

  4. Forked from arodchen/MaxSim

    A simulation platform for managed applications based on Maxine VM and ZSim

    Java 8 1

  5. MR4J is a MapReduce framework class building on the ForkJoinPool to manage the scheduling of tasks in the different phases of execution. An optimiser is available to reduce the overhead associated …

    Java 2

  6. Forked from arodchen/cbarriers

    A framework for evaluating different barrier synchronization algorithms in C

    C 2

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