Server app for the Node.js Integration Drupal module
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Node.js Integration for Drupal

Server app for the Node.js Integration Drupal module.



Use one of the following two methods to download the app:

  • Install using NPM by running npm install drupal-node.js. Note that the app will be installed in the node_modules subdirectory

  • Download the latest release from GitHub. Unzip, and run npm install in the app's directory to install the dependencies

In both cases, be sure the install the app outside of Drupal's root directory.


Copy the example configuration file (nodejs.config.js.example) to nodejs.config.js. Edit that file and make any necessary configuration changes. See nodejs.config.js.example for details on the configuration values. As a minimum, you will need to set the serviceKey, and specify the location of your Drupal site in the backend property. The service key can be any arbitrary string, but be sure to enter the same service key in Drupal.

Running the server app

Start the app using the node command.

node app.js

This will run the app in the foreground. For production use, it is more practical to run the app in the background. One way to achieve this is starting the app with forever.

forever start app.js

Not only will forever start the app in the background, but it will monitor it and automatically restart it if the app quits.

Visit the status report on your Drupal site to verify if Drupal is able to communicate with the server app.