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* Copyright (C) 2004 Andrew Beekhof <>
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
# include <glib.h>
# include <crm/common/iso8601.h>
# include <crm/pengine/common.h>
typedef struct node_s node_t;
typedef struct pe_action_s action_t;
typedef struct pe_action_s pe_action_t;
typedef struct resource_s resource_t;
typedef struct ticket_s ticket_t;
typedef enum no_quorum_policy_e {
} no_quorum_policy_t;
enum node_type {
enum pe_restart {
enum pe_find {
pe_find_renamed = 0x001,
pe_find_clone = 0x004,
pe_find_current = 0x008,
pe_find_inactive = 0x010,
# define pe_flag_have_quorum 0x00000001ULL
# define pe_flag_symmetric_cluster 0x00000002ULL
# define pe_flag_is_managed_default 0x00000004ULL
# define pe_flag_maintenance_mode 0x00000008ULL
# define pe_flag_stonith_enabled 0x00000010ULL
# define pe_flag_have_stonith_resource 0x00000020ULL
# define pe_flag_stop_rsc_orphans 0x00000100ULL
# define pe_flag_stop_action_orphans 0x00000200ULL
# define pe_flag_stop_everything 0x00000400ULL
# define pe_flag_start_failure_fatal 0x00001000ULL
# define pe_flag_remove_after_stop 0x00002000ULL
# define pe_flag_startup_probes 0x00010000ULL
# define pe_flag_have_status 0x00020000ULL
# define pe_flag_have_remote_nodes 0x00040000ULL
# define pe_flag_quick_location 0x00100000ULL
typedef struct pe_working_set_s {
xmlNode *input;
crm_time_t *now;
/* options extracted from the input */
char *dc_uuid;
node_t *dc_node;
const char *stonith_action;
const char *placement_strategy;
unsigned long long flags;
int stonith_timeout;
int default_resource_stickiness;
no_quorum_policy_t no_quorum_policy;
GHashTable *config_hash;
GHashTable *domains;
GHashTable *tickets;
GListPtr nodes;
GListPtr resources;
GListPtr placement_constraints;
GListPtr ordering_constraints;
GListPtr colocation_constraints;
GListPtr ticket_constraints;
GListPtr actions;
xmlNode *failed;
xmlNode *op_defaults;
xmlNode *rsc_defaults;
/* stats */
int num_synapse;
int max_valid_nodes;
int order_id;
int action_id;
/* final output */
xmlNode *graph;
GHashTable *template_rsc_sets;
const char *localhost;
} pe_working_set_t;
struct node_shared_s {
const char *id;
const char *uname;
gboolean online;
gboolean standby;
gboolean standby_onfail;
gboolean pending;
gboolean unclean;
gboolean shutdown;
gboolean expected_up;
gboolean is_dc;
int num_resources;
GListPtr running_rsc; /* resource_t* */
GListPtr allocated_rsc; /* resource_t* */
resource_t *remote_rsc;
GHashTable *attrs; /* char* => char* */
enum node_type type;
GHashTable *utilization;
/*! cache of calculated rsc digests for this node. */
GHashTable *digest_cache;
struct node_s {
int weight;
gboolean fixed;
int count;
struct node_shared_s *details;
# include <crm/pengine/complex.h>
# define pe_rsc_orphan 0x00000001ULL
# define pe_rsc_managed 0x00000002ULL
# define pe_rsc_block 0x00000004ULL /* Further operations are prohibited due to failure policy */
# define pe_rsc_notify 0x00000010ULL
# define pe_rsc_unique 0x00000020ULL
# define pe_rsc_provisional 0x00000100ULL
# define pe_rsc_allocating 0x00000200ULL
# define pe_rsc_merging 0x00000400ULL
# define pe_rsc_try_reload 0x00001000ULL
# define pe_rsc_reload 0x00002000ULL
# define pe_rsc_failed 0x00010000ULL
# define pe_rsc_shutdown 0x00020000ULL
# define pe_rsc_runnable 0x00040000ULL
# define pe_rsc_start_pending 0x00080000ULL
# define pe_rsc_starting 0x00100000ULL
# define pe_rsc_stopping 0x00200000ULL
# define pe_rsc_failure_ignored 0x01000000ULL
# define pe_rsc_needs_quorum 0x10000000ULL
# define pe_rsc_needs_fencing 0x20000000ULL
# define pe_rsc_needs_unfencing 0x40000000ULL
enum pe_graph_flags {
pe_graph_none = 0x00000,
pe_graph_updated_first = 0x00001,
pe_graph_updated_then = 0x00002,
pe_graph_disable = 0x00004,
/* *INDENT-OFF* */
enum pe_action_flags {
pe_action_pseudo = 0x00001,
pe_action_runnable = 0x00002,
pe_action_optional = 0x00004,
pe_action_print_always = 0x00008,
pe_action_have_node_attrs = 0x00010,
pe_action_failure_is_fatal = 0x00020,
pe_action_implied_by_stonith = 0x00040,
pe_action_dumped = 0x00100,
pe_action_processed = 0x00200,
pe_action_clear = 0x00400,
pe_action_dangle = 0x00800,
pe_action_requires_any = 0x01000, /* This action requires one or mre of its dependancies to be runnable
* We use this to clear the runnable flag before checking dependancies
/* *INDENT-ON* */
struct resource_s {
char *id;
char *clone_name;
xmlNode *xml;
xmlNode *orig_xml;
xmlNode *ops_xml;
resource_t *parent;
void *variant_opaque;
enum pe_obj_types variant;
resource_object_functions_t *fns;
resource_alloc_functions_t *cmds;
enum rsc_recovery_type recovery_type;
enum pe_restart restart_type;
int priority;
int stickiness;
int sort_index;
int failure_timeout;
int effective_priority;
int migration_threshold;
gboolean is_remote_node;
unsigned long long flags;
GListPtr rsc_cons_lhs; /* rsc_colocation_t* */
GListPtr rsc_cons; /* rsc_colocation_t* */
GListPtr rsc_location; /* rsc_to_node_t* */
GListPtr actions; /* action_t* */
GListPtr rsc_tickets; /* rsc_ticket* */
node_t *allocated_to;
GListPtr running_on; /* node_t* */
GHashTable *known_on; /* node_t* */
GHashTable *allowed_nodes; /* node_t* */
enum rsc_role_e role;
enum rsc_role_e next_role;
GHashTable *meta;
GHashTable *parameters;
GHashTable *utilization;
GListPtr children; /* resource_t* */
GListPtr dangling_migrations; /* node_t* */
node_t *partial_migration_target;
node_t *partial_migration_source;
resource_t *container;
GListPtr fillers;
struct pe_action_s {
int id;
int priority;
resource_t *rsc;
node_t *node;
xmlNode *op_entry;
char *task;
char *uuid;
enum pe_action_flags flags;
enum rsc_start_requirement needs;
enum action_fail_response on_fail;
enum rsc_role_e fail_role;
action_t *pre_notify;
action_t *pre_notified;
action_t *post_notify;
action_t *post_notified;
int seen_count;
GHashTable *meta;
GHashTable *extra;
GListPtr actions_before; /* action_warpper_t* */
GListPtr actions_after; /* action_warpper_t* */
struct ticket_s {
char *id;
gboolean granted;
time_t last_granted;
gboolean standby;
GHashTable *state;
enum pe_link_state {
/* *INDENT-OFF* */
enum pe_ordering {
pe_order_none = 0x0, /* deleted */
pe_order_optional = 0x1, /* pure ordering, nothing implied */
pe_order_implies_first = 0x10, /* If 'first' is required, ensure 'then' is too */
pe_order_implies_then = 0x20, /* If 'then' is required, ensure 'first' is too */
pe_order_implies_first_master = 0x40, /* Imply 'first' is required when 'then' is required and then's rsc holds Master role. */
pe_order_runnable_left = 0x100, /* 'then' requires 'first' to be runnable */
pe_order_restart = 0x1000, /* 'then' is runnable if 'first' is optional or runnable */
pe_order_stonith_stop = 0x2000, /* only applies if the action is non-pseudo */
pe_order_serialize_only = 0x4000, /* serialize */
pe_order_implies_first_printed = 0x10000, /* Like ..implies_first but only ensures 'first' is printed, not manditory */
pe_order_implies_then_printed = 0x20000, /* Like ..implies_then but only ensures 'then' is printed, not manditory */
pe_order_asymmetrical = 0x100000, /* Indicates asymmetrical one way ordering constraint. */
pe_order_load = 0x200000, /* Only relevant if... */
pe_order_one_or_more = 0x400000, /* 'then' is only runnable if one or more of it's dependancies are too */
pe_order_trace = 0x4000000 /* test marker */
/* *INDENT-ON* */
typedef struct action_wrapper_s action_wrapper_t;
struct action_wrapper_s {
enum pe_ordering type;
enum pe_link_state state;
action_t *action;
gboolean cluster_status(pe_working_set_t * data_set);
void set_working_set_defaults(pe_working_set_t * data_set);
void cleanup_calculations(pe_working_set_t * data_set);
resource_t *pe_find_resource(GListPtr rsc_list, const char *id_rh);
node_t *pe_find_node(GListPtr node_list, const char *uname);
node_t *pe_find_node_id(GListPtr node_list, const char *id);
node_t *pe_find_node_any(GListPtr node_list, const char *id, const char *uname);
GListPtr find_operations(const char *rsc, const char *node, gboolean active_filter,
pe_working_set_t * data_set);
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