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Commits on Feb 05, 2008
@beekhof High: crmd: Bug #7 - Connecting to the crmd immediately after startup…
… causes use-of-NULL

Mercurial revision: acfb1b2695a83cd9e0bc8a3c7dbdd0ed133adf67
@beekhof Medium: crmd: Delay starting the IPC server until we're fully functional
Mercurial revision: dae6a9eb7f0f2d61567a9f327dbaba46d87cebab
Commits on Feb 11, 2008
@beekhof Low: crmd: Add an extra log message for use in CTS testing
Mercurial revision: c59fcfaf1db7181c1252cbb7754e292905f8a55f
@beekhof Medium: CTS: Fix the startup patterns
Mercurial revision: 497f3a59ca92246ca9d10f7668ce8029421a69fa
@beekhof High: cib: Ensure the archived file hits the disk before returning
Mercurial revision: 3dc60cb966281a6d42204e943788d5e3d255213d
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