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This document defines a high level roadmap for the rss operator development.

The dates below should not be considered authoritative, but rather indicative of the projected timeline of the project.



  • Need user facing documentation. Much of the current documentation in doc/user was carried over from the etcd-operator and is in need of revision.



  • Metrics and logging?

    • Expose operator metrics
      • How many clusters it manages
      • How many actions it does
    • Expose the running status of the cluster
      • cluster size, version
    • Expose errors
      • bad version, bad cluster size, dead cluster
  • Security

  • Create a Rabbit MQ sample app

  • Decide on an upgrade story

  • Implement backup/restore (Great for demos where there is no shared storage)

  • Review TLS code/docs for relevance

  • Create a demo


  • Additional unit tests

  • e2e testing

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