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Operation Guide

Setup RBAC

Set up basic RBAC rules for the replication operator:

$ example/rbac/

Install the replciation operator

Create a deployment for the replication operator:

$ kubectl create -f example/operator.yaml

The replication operator will automatically create a Kubernetes Custom Resource Definition (CRD):

$ kubectl get customresourcedefinitions
NAME                                     AGE   16m

Uninstall the replciation operator

Note that the clusters managed by the replciation operator will NOT be deleted even if the operator is uninstalled. This is an intentional design to prevent accidental operator failure from killing all the clusters. In order to delete all clusters, delete all cluster CR objects before uninstall the operator.

Cleanup the replciation operator:

kubectl delete -f example/operator.yaml
kubectl delete rss --all
kubectl delete endpoints rss-operator
kubectl delete clusterrole rss-operator
kubectl delete clusterrolebinding rss-operator

Installation via Helm

Disclaimer: The following Helm chart is an external project not maintained by the rss-operator maintainers; so it may not be up to date.

One day we might make this operator available as a Helm chart. See the etcd-operator for an example.