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Described columns for tables Video, User and Game

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@@ -8,13 +8,44 @@ The following sections discuss the individual tables and their fields.
Table Video has the following fields:
-* id
-* duration
+* id: auto-incrementing ID
+* title: title of video for display in hyperlinks
+* duration: duration of video in ms
+* imageUrl: absolute URL of preview image
+* enabled: whether video is available for new games
+* playerType: either 'JW' or 'NPO' for the JWPlayer and Silverlight NPO player, respectively
+* sourceUrl: for playerType 'JW', absolute URL of video to play
+* fragmentID: for playerType 'NPO'
+* sectionNid: for playerType 'NPO'
+* startTime: for playerType 'NPO'
### User
+* id: auto-incrementing ID
+* creationDate: date/time at which user record was created
+The following fields are for registered users only and are mandatory:
+* email: email address of user
+* name: username for public display
+* password: encrypted and salted password
+The following fields are for registered users only and are optional; they are only used in a user's public profile:
+* dateOfBirth: date of birth of user
+* usernameFacebook: Facebook username or profile URL
+* usernameHyves: Hyves username
+* usernameTwitter: Twitter username
+* gender: user's gender
### Game
+* id: auto-incrementing ID
+* start: date/time at which game starts (usually 20 seconds after game is created, to allow users to queue)
+* initiator_id: ID of user who created the game
+* video_id: ID of video tags are added to
+* countExistingVideoTags: number of tags that were added to the video the moment the game was created; used to determine whether the "players from the past" should be shown while players are waiting for the game to start
### Participant
### TagEntry

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