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Ares Source Code

Ares is a game by Nathan Lamont produced under the banner of Bigger Planet. See for details.

About the Code

You may use the code any way you like, so long as you make the source available under the GNU General Public License version 2 or the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3; the complete text of both licenses is in the file titled

The code was written in spurts over a long period of time and should be looked at as more of a creative work than an engineering project. Please don't ask me about it, and especially don't ask Ambrosia.

Good luck.

A Request

Please use "OpenAres" or some other alternative instead of just "Ares" in the title of any derivative works. If I decide to create a new game based on Ares, I'd rather not have it confused with derivatives of my prior work. Therefore I wish to strongly discourage the release of additional games called "Ares" which may be interpreted as my own.

For example, it would make me unhappy to have someone else release something called "Ares 2."

The Media

The media files, including all images, sounds, and music, are not covered by this license. I retain the copyright to the media, and the license to the source code does not grant you a right to redistribute the media files in any form.

This does not preclude you from programmatically making use of existing legal distributions of the media, e.g. extracting data from the original data files at runtime and storing them locally.


Original source code for the game Ares.




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