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The source models for most of the sprites and interface elements for the Game Ares, converted by the Xsera Team into contemporary formats (.wrl/VRML and .obj/Wavefront).
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Ares Models

Ares is a game by Nathan Lamont produced under the banner of Bigger Planet. See for details.

About the Models

These models were created over a period of years and used for Ares' small, pre-rendered sprites and static interface elements. They have been converted from their original Strata Studio format, organized, and annotated by the Xsera Team. Their use in this form is limited by the included license file,

Not all models could be recovered. Some textures have been excluded because I do not have the right to transfer their licenses, i.e. they are not sufficiently original works. These textures were inconsequential: primarily a coarse linen texture used as a bump map, a map of the earth used for the earth model, and various swirling glow textures of unknown provenance used for special effects.

A Request

Please use "OpenAres," "Ares Classic," or some other alternative instead of just "Ares" in the title of any derivative works. If I decide to create a new game based on Ares, I'd rather not have it confused with derivatives of my prior work. Therefore I wish to strongly discourage the release of additional games called "Ares" which may be interpreted as my own.

For example, it would make me unhappy to have someone else release something called "Ares 2."

The Code

The source code is not part of this distribution. See for the code.

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