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Ardumashtun, an Arduino controlled recirculating mashtun.

Do you want to improve your home brewing? This projects contains all you need to turn a water heater into a recirculating mash tun. You can find more info about our recirculating mash tun on the blog Here we develop the hard and software that we use to improve our nano brewery.

This repositories contains software for the Arduino. We also provide the eagle cad design design files for the hardware.


We have two different versions of the Arduino sketch that runs our software. One intended for use with an Arduino Uno, and one for use with an Arduino Yun. When using the Uno you control your mashtun via USB, while the Yun enables you to control your mashtun via the browser.

You can also take a look at the app used for controlling the Uno based mash tun, kivybrew, and the one controlling the Yun based mash tun, flapibrew.


Version one of the Ardumashtun hardware is a custom Arduino shield intended to be fabricated by a PCB mill. Recently we have started to migrate towards Seeedstudios PCB and PCBA service. We have a running prototype board that only uses parts from the Open Parts Library, so that it can be manufactured using Seeedstudios Fusion PCBA.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, everything is licensed under the MIT license, for more information see LICENSE.txt.


Arduino controlled recirculating mashtun




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