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Hask Anything! is a website aimed at collecting and organizing the collective knowledge of the Haskell community: papers, blog posts, code snippets, gists, StackOverflow answers, Reddit threads, presentations, videos, tutorials and so on.

Contributing content

You can contribute content in two ways:

  1. Via the website itself:

    • Go to
    • On the top right of the page, click "You're not logged in." and select the option "Login". You'll be redirected to the Github authorization page.
    • In the top navigation bar, select an option from the "Add a new.." dropdown.
    • Go through the form steps.
    • Click on the "Generate a preview of the generated file" button.
    • Finally, click on the "Submit a pull request" button.
  2. Via git. You can just clone the project, copy some existing content, modify it and create a pull request. Useful for adding content in bulk!

Contributing code

There is more extensive documentation over at Here's the short version:

We use Hakyll as a base. Hakyll is a static site generator written in Haskell, and it's great.

The project uses Stack, so it should just be:

  1. stack install, which builds hask-anything-exe
  2. In /app, run hask-anything-exe build, or site-anything-exe watch to serve the site locally.

If it's not, please open an issue over at Github!


Problem: The CI system gives the following error message: Hakyll.Web.readPandocWith: I don't know how to read a file of the type Binary for: <file name>

Solution: The file name isn't valid. Does it have the right extension? For Markdown files (which is what most content it) use .md.

Technical info

This Github repository serves as both the code repository that generates the website (branch master), as well as the host for the website itself (branch gh-pages).

Note: Pushes are done automatically to gh-pages by CircleCI, which overwrites any changes, so never offer pull requests for that branch.


BrowserStack logo

BrowserStack provides me with a free account because of the open-source nature of the project.


Hask Anything! is a website aimed at collecting and organizing the collective knowledge of the Haskell community.








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