A bunch of extra functionality for Hakyll-based sites.
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A bunch of extra functionality for Hakyll-based sites.

This repo can built with Stack. You might have to edit the stack.yaml file if you're on a different LTS.

Available functions


  • fillPattern :: Pattern -> String -> Pattern: Matches the first * it encounters and leaves the rest alone.
  • fillPatterns :: Pattern -> [String] -> Pattern: Matches as many * as there are in xs and leaves the rest alone.


  • staticBehavior :: Rules (): Copies a file into the final site.
  • compileStatic :: [Pattern] -> Rules (): Shorthand notation for matching on a list of patterns and compiling them with 'staticBehaviour'.


  • renderToJSON :: ToJSON a => a -> String: Produces a String that is valid JSON (can be copy-pasted into a browser and parsed).


  • optionalField :: String -> (Item a -> Maybe (Compiler String)) -> Context a: See commit by @wrengr.
  • relativizeUrl :: Context a: Allows you to call $relativizeUrl("/url/to/relativize")$ in a template. See this blogpost for more details.
  • applyToTemplate :: Context a: A functionField that takes a template path as its first argument, and an unlimited number of named arguments. It will then load the template and pass the named arguments as template variables. See the definition for a usage example.


  • translationToContext :: [Translation] -> Context a: Given a list of translations, builds up a context of fields, one for each translation. The metadata key name is appended with "translation.".
  • translationsToContextFunctionField :: [(Language,[Translation])] -> Context a: Given a list of lists of translations, produces a functionField that expects a language and a translation key. You can use it in a template like this: $translationFor("language","key")$


  • loadTranslationsFromMetadata :: (MonadMetadata m) => Pattern -> Language -> m ([(Identifier, Metadata)]): Given a pattern, gets all the metadata values from every item that matches the pattern.
  • collectMetadataTranslations :: [Metadata] -> [Translation]: Given a list of metadata, appends them all together and places them in a map-like structure.
  • createTranslationContextFromMetaData :: (MonadMetadata m) => Pattern -> Language -> m (Context a): Given a pattern and a language, will produce a Context with translations in them for that language. See Hakyll.Translation.Examples.Directories for a complete example.
  • loadAllTranslationsFromMetadata :: (MonadMetadata m) => Pattern -> [Language] -> m ([(Language,[Translation])]): Given a pattern and a list of languages, will produce a list of (language,translations) tuples. See Hakyll.Translation.Examples.AllLanguages for a complete example.


  • AllLanguages.hs: Example on how to use the translationsToContextFunctionField functionality.
  • Directories.hs: Example on how to use the createTranslationContextFromMetaData functionality.
  • ToJavascript.hs and processTranslation.js: Example on how to expose translations to Javascript.