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ABQ Beer.js

BeerJS Abq is a monthly meetup for beer liking folks around The Duke City doing cool things with JavaScript. By default, we meet the last Wednesday of the month, typically at 6:30pm. Sometimes people post a special request (e.g., a date change to accommodate a visitor from out of town) as an issue.

How to join

Click the button for this repo to get notified of future meetups.

How to help

File a ticket for suggestions or issues, submit a PR for updates to this wiki.


Sure. BeerJS has a Slack channel and there is a channel for #albuquerque. Join it here if you don't have enough Slack channels in your life.

Oh and since we are talking about Slack, you can join the ABQWebgeeks Slack channel by filling out a simple form on our website.

Why GitHub?

  • If you're doing cool stuff with JS, you're probably on GitHub anyway
  • GitHub is free, Meetup costs money
  • Why not?