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Welcome to BeerJS Bangalore!

BeerJS Bangalore is a community that expresses its love towards BEER and JS through meetups and hackathons.

We'd like to create a community where people can share their experiences on technology, discuss trends, frameworks, series, geek world, and enjoy good music, good food and beer all at the same time!

Your experience with Javascript or beer does not matter as long as you're willing to collaborate and enjoy yourself.

The most important thing is for everyone to acknowledge that we are here to learn together and grow together!

We express mutual respect and regard to all members of the BeerJS community in a bid to be open to newcomers and system architects alike.

If you'd like to sponsor us, reach out to anyone from the team

Beer, Pizza and/or a Coworking space are always in great demand.

BeerJS Location: Bangalore, India

Open an issue or tweet to reach out to anyone


Prahalad Belavadi


There is no compulsion to consume any alchohol. You can totally be a vital part of BEERJS meetups and hackathons otherwise also.