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BeerJS Logo

BeerJS: FCIT 👋

BeerJS: FCIT is for devs to get together, throw a few back, and learn collectively about JavaScript and other technologies. We value good beer & coffee and good code and encourage the sharing of both. We start the metup by just hanging out and chatting then we will get into presentations. Anyone can present for any amount of time.

How to join

Click the button for this repo to get notified of future meetups.

How to become a speaker

Just join us. Usually, we propose one-two topics before the meeting and someone takes role of speaker and prepares some material. However, noone likes to prepare and often we just extemporize. As an option, two or more topics may be discussed at the same time.

Want to share something?

You can show something you built, talk about something you would like to build, challenge "best" practices, or change the world; your call. Please let me know if you are interested so we don't double up. Also feel free to come with problems and questions about your code, my code, or whatever.

Comment on the current meetings issue to formally request time or a topic.

a note about beer 🍻

beer.js is about creating social spaces to strengthen software communities. There is no requirement to drink to participate.

Refs 😎

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