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BeerJS: Kolkata, India
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BeerJS: The Kolkata Chapter

Nomoskar! Welcome to BeerJS Kolkata!

BeerJS Kolkata is a community for devs and javascript enthusiasts. The primary aim of this community is to learn and express our love towards Beer and JS through workshops, meetups and hackathons.

We'd like to create a community where people can share their experiences on technology, discuss trends, frameworks and hobbies! We value good beer and good code and encourage the sharing of both. However, your experience with Javascript or beer does not matter as long as you're willing to collaborate and enjoy yourself.

We express mutual respect and regard to all members of the BeerJS community in a bid to be open to newcomers and architects alike.


There is NO compulsion to consume any alchohol. You can totally be a vital part of BEERJS meetups and hackathons otherwise also.

If you'd like to sponsor us, reach out to anyone from the team

Beer, Pizza and/or a Coworking space are always in great demand.

BeerJS Location: Kolkata, India

Open an issue or tweet to reach out to anyone.


Akash (Admin) |

or if you want to know more about BeerJS, you can seek out the creator. :) @ Jordan


You can join us at our Slack Workplace. Or Our Facebook Page.

Code of Conduct

Like all, we too have certain Community Rules, that all of us follows. Please read through our code of conduct once. Its pretty simple actually!

Cheers !

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