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BeerJS Oslo

BeerJS Oslo is for us devs to get together, throw back a few cold ones, and work on hobby projects.

Want to hang out?

We usually meet up on the second Friday every month at's offices.

Events are scheduled on the BeerJS Oslo Meetup group.

Want to share something?

We'll have an "open mic"-doohicky during the last 30 minutes of the meetup (from 20:30) where you can share whatever you've worked on.

Want to bring beer?

Sure you do! FINN sponsors 2-3 beers per person, but you're welcome to bring your own. Please keep in mind that the event ends at 21. Those who wish to continue beering and programming can do so, we recommend one of our neightbours, either Brygg or Jaeger.


Stickermule have been kind enough to sponsor us with some awesome stickers to help spread the word! The stickers, as well as freebies from FINN, will be available at our events.

Huge thank you to

Stickermule logo

and of course