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BeerJS Tahoe

BeerJS Tahoe is for devs to get together, throw a few back, and learn collectively about JavaScript. We value good beer and good code and encourage the sharing of both.

Topics so far have been around JavaScript, but in reality the scope is pretty open. We start the metup by just hanging out and chatting then we will get into presentations. Anyone can present for any amount of time.

Want to hang out?

We usually meet on the 3rd TUESDAY of the month at The Lift Co-Working space in Truckee, CA. It's on the second floor of the Airport Office Centre on the left. Huge thanks to The Lift for giving us a home in the community.

And what is BeerJS without a beer sponsor? Truckee is fortunate to be the home to Fifty Fifty Brewing and now so is BeerJS Tahoe. Fifty Fifty will be supplying our beer! Be sure to stop by and support them (try the Eclipse Barrel Aged Imperial Stout).

Click the watch button for this repo to get notified of upcoming meeting dates or date and location changes. Don't forget to star BeerJS Tahoe too.

Want to share something?

You can show something you built, talk about something you would like to build, challenge "best" practices, or change the world; your call. Please let me know if you are interested so we don't double up.

Also feel free to come with problems and questions about your code, my code, or whatever.

Comment on the current meetings issue to formally request time or a topic.

Want to bring beer?

Of course you do. Those with beer will be given priority seating ;) Drinking beer is not required to participate though.

The Community

Community is the reason why we do what we do. We highly value growing together and here are some places where you can do just that. We can share relevant and cool content, questions, and start discussions... you get the idea.

BeerJS Slack
Join the BeerJS Slack Team
Facebook Group
Google Communtiy